Purchasing the Right Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Engineers that have been operating in the field for some time will know how important it is to have the right tools on hand.

One of the most important tools that an engineer needs access is a leak detector. The way it which leak detection is carried out can depend on the device being used, but without it, an engineer’s productivity can drop dramatically.

Although there are other forms of leak detection, the use of an ultrasonic leak detector can often mean that locating a leak is a timelier process.

Leak detectors may have been large in the past, but the current iterations are not only easy to use but also come in a size that’s easy to transport and store.

Those new to the HVAC industry may wonder what all the hype is about, especially as leak detectors are nothing new to an engineer.

However, the advancements being made mean that engineers are given access to a tool that is more accurate than older machines.

The Different Types of Leak Detectors Available

When considering a leak detector, it’s often the case that you will be met with a series of tools that offer different ways of detecting leaks.

A ‘sniffer’ leak detector will detect refrigerant gas in the atmosphere. While effective, there can be some limitations to this approach. For example, for the alarm to be activated it needs to pass through a sensor.

In some circumstances, this could be easier said than done, especially when working in draughty conditions.

A visual leak detector will often be in the form of a dye injection kit or a bubble kit. Both approaches are commonly used in the HVAC industry and help locate leaks easily, either via the use of bubbles or pushing the dye to the location of the leak.

However, if the leak is out of sight, then using a visual leak detector could be time-consuming. In this regard, using an ultrasonic leak detector could save you a great deal of time.

What Is an Ultrasonic Leak Detector?

It stands to reason that an ultrasonic leak detector is used to find leaks, but what is the driving force behind these types of devices?

Ultrasonic is when a sound is above the detection range of the human ear. The sound can be comparable to that of a hissing tyre, albeit at a much higher frequency.

It is common for heterodyne technology to be used in these devices, as this will ensure that the frequency being fed back can be heard by the engineer.

Should It Be Used Instead of Other Methods?

Although the use of an ultrasonic leak detector can be beneficial, this isn’t to say that it can be used in every instance.

As such, the use of an ultrasonic leak detector may need to be used in conjunction with other methods.

Those who do invest in a reliable ultrasonic leak detector will find that jobs are easier and productivity increases.

No leak detector will be ideal for every situation, so it’s important that expectations aren’t too high.

The use of an ultrasonic leak detector can be very beneficial, but there will be times when it will need to be partnered with other approaches to yield the best results.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Some may be looking to upgrade their current equipment, whereas others may be making a purchase for the first time. If it’s been some time since you’ve purchased tools, then you may be confused as to what you should look out for.

The first thing you need to ensure is that you’re only using a reputable supplier. It can be tempting to choose the cheapest product, but it may not offer the longevity you’re looking for.

You also need to consider your budget. Although you shouldn’t be opting for the cheapest product, it’s just as important to ensure that you’re not paying too much.

The Benefits of a Handheld Ultrasonic Leak Detector

There are many iterations o ultrasonic leak detectors available, but not all of them will be as portable as engineers would like. Although such devices in the past could be a little on the large size, nowadays there are many options available, including handheld ultrasonic leak detectors.

Of course, the same factors must be considered, but the use of a handheld ultrasonic leak detector will give an engineer more freedom when contending with problematic repairs.

The ‘Whisper’ Handheld Ultrasonic Leak Detector

HVACTOOLS is one of the most reputable suppliers when it comes to tools and accessories for those that operate in the HVAC industry, and currently offers engineers the Whisper handheld ultrasonic leak detector, a truly diverse tool.

As well as being able to pinpoint leaks via an ultrasonic method, there is also several LEDs and an alarm will help locate the link.

The Whisper handheld ultrasonic leak detector can be used in several different ways, with the following only being a mere overview of the functions available.

  • Gas Leaks Under Pressure or Vacuum
  • Nitrogen Leaks
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Diagnosing of Solenoid Operations
  • Discover Leaks in Sealed Areas

The Whisper handheld ultrasonic leak detector comes as a standalone product or can be purchased with an accessory kit, which comes complete with a contact probe to check the function of the machine.

The accessory pack also includes a premium headset that helps to find troublesome leaks much easier. A flexible sensor attachment helps engineers work in confined spaces with more ease that may not always be possible with a basic unit.

Why Use HVACTOOLS for The Purchase of an Ultrasonic Leak Detector

It’s already been highlighted how important it is to use the right supplier, regardless of what tolls or accessories you’re looking to purchase.

HVACTOOLS has been operating in the industry for several years and prides itself only offering the most reputable and professional brands to the HVAC industry.

If you’re considering updating your current leak detection equipment or purchasing an ultrasonic leak detector for the first time, then why not browse the selection of tools available at HVACTOOLS.

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