What is Spectroline CoolSeal and How Does it Benefit HVAC Engineers?

Those who operate in the HVAC industry will know how much time can be taken up when repairing leaks. Those that have been in the industry for some time will often be able to locate leaks easily and remedy them. However, there can be more problematic leaks that take more time and effort to repair.

Every engineer will want to shorten the process whenever possible, it should never cause them to take shortcuts on installations or repairs.

Spectroline is a recognised name in leak detection, and its CoolSeal product is set to change the way in which HVAC engineers repair leaks.

The Importance of Pro-Active Repairs

When carrying out a repair, there is no real way of knowing what kind of leak the engineer will be facing. As such, a problematic leak can mean that the engineers time is taken by trial and error when trying to pinpoint the problem.

This is especially true if part of the HVAC system has been punctured meaning that the leak isn’t visible to the naked eye.

For example, some may have to use some form of dye that helps identify the leak, and although this is helpful, it can mean the repair takes longer as a result.

As well as impacting on the productivity of an engineer, a leaking HVAC system can also hold dire consequences for the business operating the system.

Not only is leaking refrigerant harmful to the environment, but it can also mean that the business is paying more to run the HVAC system.

There’s also the fact that refrigerant is leaking from the system which is not only expensive, but harmful to the environment.

How Does CoolSeal Aid Engineers?

It’s fair to say that new additions to the HVAC industry and quickly put under the microscope, meaning that anything irrelevant is soon highlighted.

Fortunately, CoolSeal sidesteps the novelty factor by offering engineers an practical and time-saving product that can be used to detect and repair leaks quickly.

CoolSeal is an innovative new product that now only streamlines the way an engineer finds faults, but also how they’re repaired.

Engineers will be aware of the various methods that need to be deployed to find a leak, and some of them can be more expensive than others.

Examples of these methods include the following:

  • Searching for oil near refrigerant lines.
  • Listening out for a leak in a quiet environment.
  • Pressurising the refrigeration system with nitrogen.

In some instances, only one of these methods may be used, whereas other instances could mean trying them all. Factoring in the time it takes to find these faults can illustrate as why products such as CoolSeal become an important part of any engineer’s toolkit.

How CoolSeal Works

CoolSeal is made of aliphatic hydrocarbon compound that doesn’t harden with the HVAC system.

CoolSeal is injected into the low service pressure point via the EZ-Ject Kit that comes complete with the product. This ensures that the Coll Seal liquid can circulate the HVAC system without issue.

Leaks manifest themselves when internal pressure pushes refrigerant to the service, which will be expelled by the hole or tear present in the system.

The innovative approach used by CoolSeal introduces a process known as “flocculation” which is means the compounds of CoolSeal are longer and larger than other molecules but is still able to rush to the same leak location.

This build-up of molecules instilled by CoolSeal form over the leak location, meaning liquid with smaller molecules, such as refrigerant, stay put.

Those who are worried that CoolSeal will react with moisture like polymer sealants need not worry. The formula used within CoolSeal means no hardening takes place, meaning the repair will be more robust as a result.

How Spectroline CoolSeal Saves Time

The fact that CoolSeal has molecules that rise to the surface already means it’s a time-saving tool when repairing HVAC systems, but this isn’t the only way in which saves engineers time.

In some instances, engineers may only have one leak to detect. In other instances, there may be several. Even ascertaining the location of the leak can take up a lot of time without CoolSeal, but if there are several you could find that momentum comes to a grinding halt.

The formula present within CoolSeal means that regardless of whether there is on leak present, or several the same prompt repair takes place.

CoolSeal Can Be Used for More Than Repairs

When a job doesn’t go to plan, it’s not unusual to suffer from hindsight. For example, what if there was a way to ensure that leaks are fixed before they even present themselves?

This is now possible thanks to CoolSeal. The formula it uses means that it’s not only ideal for leaks that are hard to find but also acts as a safeguard against future leaks.

As explained, the molecules that are present with CoolSeal can travel around the system with little issue. However, the molecules stay intact. So should a leak manifest, the molecules will do the same job and seal the leak instantly.

Although a repair may need more than CoolSeal in some instances, the use of the product can mean that leaks are found sooner rather than later, allowing the engineer to work in a more productive manner.

If you’re interested in purchasing Spectroline CoolSeal or simply want to browse an extensive range of tools and accessories, then why not get in contact with us.

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