Errecom RK1421.H3 Kit Ultra – AC/R Total Maintenance Solution

Reconditioning Treatment to Repair Refrigerant Gas Leaks in AC/R Systems in Definitive Way.

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AC/R RESTORING TREATMENT is the unique complete treatment on the market developed to permanently repair refrigerant gas leaks in AC/R systems. It is known that the main cause of refrigerant gas leaks in a system is the formation of moisture which causes the formation of acid in the lubricant. The acid, once deposited, begins a slow and constant process of corrosion that will lead to the leak of refrigerant gas. Using the leak stop only, the leak will be indeed repaired, but the chemical process that caused it won’t be stopped.


Thanks to the sequential insertion of the 4 additives of AC/R RESTORING TREATMENT, the AC/R systems will be completely protected against the loss of refrigerant gas and against damages caused by the formation of acid, against humidity and the phenomenon of Oil-Fouling. The 4 essential additives of the Ultra line can be introduced as one single solution in AC/R systems: altogether, in fact, they have a dosage of only 24 ml.


  • Permanently repairs the refrigerant gas leaks eliminating the main causes for them
  • Eliminates moisture, acidity and oil fouling from the systems
  • Restores the original performance of the system.


4 x 6 ml cartridges in clamshell packaging.


Brand: Errecom
Part Number: ER-RK1421.H3.