High-end professional multimeters and clamp meters don’t need to be budget-breaking.

Don’t oversee Protection and safety—Your life depends on it.

Uni-T has a range of professional clamp meters and digital multimeters that have been selling well in the New Zealand market. These products have hit a niche with most professional electricians and electrical engineers who would normally expect to pay $1000+ for equipment with similar specifications. Those days are long gone with the quality available from Uni-T who are having a big impact here on the market.

Over the years Uni-T products have improved in leaps and bounds. If you use tools on a daily basis then the UT219 Clamp Meters and UT195 Digital Multimeters are a great addition to your tool kit.

Both UT219 Clamp Meters and UT195 Digital Multimeters offer an Entry-level UT195E/UT219E model followed by a middle model UT219M/UT195M and then Advanced model with high level features UT195DS and UT219DS.

UT219 Series are 600A true RMS professional clamp meters with CAT IV 600V rating. They are industrially designed with IP54 rating and able to withstand 2 meters drop test for measurement in harsh environments. This series is suitable for professional electricians, HVAC/R and motor technicians.

The UT219E Clamp Meter is a 600A true RMS professional clamp meter, with CAT IV 600V rating. Its streamlined body is skid-proof and IP54 certified. This device is durable enough to be dropped from 2 meters of height and able to test precisely and accurately in any harsh environment.

With proven experiments to ensure the safety of the clamp meter, the UT219M & UT219DS can withstand a transient pulse voltage exceeding 8000V. With consideration to your on-site needs in design, UNI-T has designed these clamp meters with a streamlined body, anti-slip, IP54 dust and waterproof, durable and can withstand 2 meters drop impact. Even in industrial sites where dust is polluted or splashed, it can help to measure with ease.

They all measure AC Current, AC-DC Voltage, Frequency, Capacitance, and Resistance. Key differences among these meters are a few special technical features that are available in the UT219DS and UT219M series. They have Celsius and Fahrenheit measurementsUT219DS series meter can measure direct current, voltage – current of variable speed drivers, and AC+DC measurement mode. Simultaneously measures voltage and current while in current mode. It has a surge current feature that measures motor starting current and stable operating current after starting up.

The UT219 series has a 3 phase motor test. The three-phase measurement helps identify the motor phase and power phase. It can also be used to measure variable voltage conditions.

Test Procedure:

  1. ACV, hold the Select button for 2 seconds to enter the three-phase measurement mode.
  2. Connect the black test pen to one phase. After the first test of the red test pen is locked, change the red test pen to another phase within 5 seconds.
  3. The LCD display will indicate the phase sequence and the reverse phase sequence.


 UT195 Digital multimeter series offers three models( UT195EUT195M & UT195DS). 


UT195 series are handheld industrial-grade digital multimeters that are highly reliable, safe, and durable. It is designed with an IP65 rating and 2 meters drop-proof. Very few multimeters at this level or price bracket come with IP65 ratings so it is a feature well worth considering. Compared with traditional multimeters, UT195‘s troubleshooting capability, resolution, and precision are improved to find issues related to motor drive, factory equipment maintenance, electrical distribution, and repair.

Uni-T have taken this meter to the next level for professionals with a new design and easy to operate functions. With the specifications on these tools, you can use them from power stations to mines, to commercial or residential sites. The light sensor on these tools, which turns on the LCD backlit screen only in dark places which save the battery for when you need it.

The standard features across all three models include measure True RMS, AC-DC current, AC-DC Voltage, AC+DC measurement mode, Frequency, Capacitance, and resistance. They are dust and waterproof having a completely sealed body as per the IP65 code. Some technical features that are available in special series. M model multimeter can measure temperature whereas UT195DS multimeter measures voltage and frequency of variable speed. UT195DS and UT195M series have three-phase rotation tests.


Tired of Measurement Errors, False Readings, and lack of Precision? UNI-T has got you covered!

UNI-T offers the UT219 Professional clamp meter series and UT195 Digital multimeters series. They can measure error protection, and nonlinear signal precisely. It has a Loz Voltage Measurement feature that can detect ghost voltage or problem of false voltage measuring.


UNI-T designed these Professional Clamp/Multimeters smartly.

They are robust, lightweight, compact, portable, and battery operated. Their key features include Large LCD dual-mode display, Auto/Manual range, True RMS, AC current-Voltage frequency response, Auto Backlight function, Low battery indication, and much more. They are easy to use while wearing protective equipment.

If you need to buy new tools or are looking to upgrade your toolbox consider the exciting Uni-T range today and not only save yourself money but buy higher specification tools that will last you longer and help you impress the boss on the same budget.



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