Benefits of using Core Removal Tools With A Vacuum Gauge

As a technician have you ever started vacuuming down your system and then discovered half-way through that you might have a problem with one or some of your fittings preventing you from getting good vacuum?

A quality core removal tool should be part of every refrigeration technicians and AC installers tool kit. The core function of a core removal tool is to enable technicians to remove the service valve and to reinstall it without losing refrigerant or vacuum but they have now become even more of a requirement, because you can close the system off and reset your entire set up if you are having trouble.

While they can significantly improve your recovery or vacuum down times, they will also allow you to connect a range of service tools including digital vacuum gauges, instream thermometers or service valve re-threading tools.

There are two common types of Core Removal Tools available, 1/4 SAE and 5/16th SAE. All 5/16 core removal tools will still have a  ¼ SAE fitting on top and will require an adapter to convert it to 5/16 if you are using R10A or R32 hoses.

Every technician will  have their own way of connecting a digital vacuum gauge, however if you want the most accurate reading of the system you are vacuuming down then it is recommended getting the reading from as close to the system as possible and a core removal will provide this solution. It is not possible to connect the digital vacuum gauge to a vacuum pump 5 meters away and for it to tell you what the vacuum in the HVAC/R system is accurately.  Some models of manifolds have a connection on the manifold for the gauge, but using a core removal tool, will give you more accurate results every time and you can check that for yourself using a core removal tool!

With the tools and technology available today there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to get standard heat pumps and residential air conditioning systems down below 50 microns. While more challenges exist in commercial systems the purpose of good vacuum has many benefits for the system but allows you as a technician to leak test the system by holding a good vacuum for a suitable period. If you lose vacuum, you have a leak.

Always choose a quality core removal tool, one you can buy replacement O-rings for or has a good reputation. C&D Valves have been making Core Removal tools for over 50 years and their reputation is one of the best in the industry, plus they have a full range of service tools include core depressors and standard adapters to make every technician’s life easier.

How good is your core removal tool? C&D have both high quality made in the USA and affordable tools for you to get the job done right.

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