Why Choose the JAVAC Vector RD Vaccum Pump Range?

Those who are experienced in purchasing vacuum pumps will know that there are several things that need to be considered before parting with their hard-earned money.

Although the overall purpose of a vacuum pump is the same, the environments and situations in which it will be used could differ, meaning it makes sense to invest in a vacuum pump that’s going to be of use in certain working conditions.  

Knowing where your vacuum pump will be used allows you to consider the options available and ensure that the pump you purchase is going to be cost-effective in the long run.

Although there are several different manufacturers of reliable vacuum pumps, JAVAC manufacturers a series of pumps under the Vector name that continues to impress with its extensive range of vacuum pumps, all designed with different uses in mind.

Why Vector Vacuum Pumps?

Not everyone will need access to a premium vacuum pump, but those that deal with a lot of applications will need something that’s not going to break down after a few uses and be practical in more difficult situations.

Outlets offering inferior units may not understand the importance of a reliable vacuum pump, meaning the choice available could be limited and not up to the task of more extreme working conditions.

This isn’t to say that every new vacuum pump introduced to the market is of little value, but when using in a professional scenario, engineers will generally depend on a brand that’s been able to prove it’s worth and its reputation with the industry.

Vector offers the best of both worlds in that it produces premium vacuum pumps, without the excessive price tag seen with other vacuum pumps.

Vector has built a steady reputation for its premium build and cost-effective price tag and has become of the lead choices for those looking for a vacuum pump that’s easy to maintain and built to last.

The demand for Vector pumps is so frequent, that HVACTOOLS ensures that its inventory is reviewed on a regular basis and that customers are given access to the latest additions within the Vector range.

What Options are Available?

Engineers and companies will use vacuum pumps in the different ways, so the secret to buying the right pump can depend on the applications it will be used on. However, Vector understands that while some may only deal with one application, others may be dealing with several.

This is why it offers a selection of vacuum pumps that are all designed to contend with different scenarios. An example of the models available is as follows.

Vector RD 90

The right vacuum pump is just as important in the HVAC industry as it is in laboratory conditions. Fortunately, Vector is once again able to offer a pump that is both reliable and robust. Offering 90 L/min. the Vector RD 90 is ideal for those dealing with R12 or R134a, as well as other compatible blends.

There is a choice of connections allowing for 1/4”, 3/8” and 5/16” fittings and the design employs the use of a large-finned oil box that allows the pump to maintain a reliable cooling capability when in operation.

As well as being ideal for air-conditions units, the Vector RD90 is also suitable for cold storage, supermarket chillers and routine exercise that require the use of vacuum.

Vector RD 320

The Vector RD 320 is the ideal companion for those dealing with large applications and a vast array of refrigerants. Offering an impressive 320 litres per minute, then RD 320 could be one of the most integral tools an engineer uses, especially if productivity is among the requirements when purchasing a vacuum pump.

The RD 320 comes complete with a 3/8” SAE flare, and customers can be confident that every Vector pump is put through quality control before being sold to consumers.

Vector RD 160

There will be times when you’re dealing with more adverse conditions, so it can be important to protect your pump in the right way. Although there are several ways of doing this, the most important aspect of checklist should be the mechanics of the vacuum pump itself.

Many pumps will do an excellent job in most circumstances but using a vacuum pump where corrosive substances are present could mean the pump becomes defective.

Fortunately, the RD 160 is a pump that’s not only ideal for cold storage and freezers but can also offer resistance against ammonia.

There is an adjustable gas ballast valve for dehydration id large applications, and can even be used for generic laboratory applications

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

The importance of buying the right pump will ensure that you’re getting the best value for money, but there’s more that needs to be considered than the manufacturer alone.

The retailer you use is also important, as this will be where many of the safeguards are in place. A genuine dealer of vacuum pumps will make sure there is always stock available, while ensuring that only reliable pumps are sourced.

There’s nothing wrong in searching for a great deal, but it’s important that this doesn’t forfeit the quality of the product. Although a pump bears the Vector name, buying from a dealership that has little recognition in the industry could mean that you run the risk of using a reconditioned pump using inferior parts.

Only dealing with a seasoned professional will ensure that you’re getting the most cost-effective pump for your needs, as well as ensuring that you’re not having to contingently invest in maintenance and repairs.

HVACTOOLS is so confident in its approach to the industry and its knowledge of the sector that it provides customers with a warranty and ensures that all pumps in stock have gone through rigorous testing.

If you’re considering updating your current vacuum pump or just need some advice on a new purchase, then why not get in touch with HVACTOOLS today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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