Errecom RK1055 Oil-Test

OIL-TEST  – Test to verify the type of oil into A/C Systems.

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OIL-TEST is a new chemical solution that allows any technician to identify within seconds the type of Lubricant contained in a Refrigeration or A/C System. In two short steps, it is possible
to identify Polyol Ester (POE), Alkylenbenzene (ABZ) or Mineral Oil.


OIL-TEST contains chemical elements that react in contact with the Lubricant, changing its transparency, which identifies the type of Lubricant inside the Refrigeration System


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results in seconds
  • Compatible with all Refrigerants
  • Works with all Lubricants
  • Minimise time and costs by eliminating the need for expensive laboratory tests
  • Avoid expensive and widespread mistakes made by mixing POE and mineral Lubricants
  • Provides a quick check of Lubricant type prior to injecting additional Lubricant
  • Not Recommended for Automotive or Mobile A/C or Refrigeration Systems
  • Each Plastic Box contains 2 Oil-Tests


2 x Errecom Oil-Test, 1 x Plastic Box.


Brand: Errecom
Part Number: ER-RK1055